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The AI Handbook: Resources and tools to help marketers get started

August 2023

For marketers, achieving results amid change is hardly a new challenge. But as the industry shifts toward AI, it will be critical to stay current on the latest innovations. We’ll be updating this handbook with new resources and tools as they become available. Bookmark this page so you won’t miss any new developments in Google AI for marketing.

  • Learn the business benefits of generative AI (1-day course) Complete the Introduction to Generative AI training from Google Cloud Skills Boost to uplevel your career.

  • Understand what AI means for marketers (4-minute read) “With new AI-powered tools, my team can scale the creative concepts we love to more formats with unprecedented precision,” writes Marie Gulin-Merle, global VP of ads marketing at Google. Read her take on how the AI revolution will help marketers get back to marketing.

  • Lay the groundwork for success (11-minute read) Consult the AI Essentials checklist to make sure your marketing organisation has the foundation, strategies, and outlook it needs to succeed with AI.

  • Collaborate on work with Bard Need a sounding board? Want to experiment with generating your own text? Try Bard, Google’s conversational AI, now available in 40 new languages.

  • Discover how leading brands are using generative AI Need inspiration while building your 2024 business plan? Take a look at the strategies of leading brands to understand how they’re implementing generative AI solutions.

  • Stay current on the tools that help multiply results (5-minute read) From the toolkits you’ll need to build your own AI-powered apps to the product features already helping marketers in their day-to-day work, is the hub for all things Google AI.

  • Apply AI responsibly (5-minute read) If you’re thinking of integrating AI into your work, consider drafting some guardrails with your team. Take inspiration from Google’s AI Principles as you brainstorm new ways to apply our tools.

  • See game-changing products and solutions (10-minute watch time) Need a quick I/O refresher? Here’s a 10-minute recap.

  • Test Google AI experiments (10-minute read) Be among the first to try new AI tools from Google Labs. Give feedback on our latest technologies with AI Test Kitchen. And see how Google Arts & Culture uses generative AI to bring history to life.

  • Watch Google’s CEO on “60 Minutes” (28-minute watch time) Hear what Google CEO Sundar Pichai has to say about Google AI and the impact advancements in the field will have.

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