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The do's and don'ts of digital marketing – what Rubix Cube has learnt in the last few years

Here are Rubix Cube´s quick tips on the world of digital marketing, based on our fruitful and exciting experiences since 2017.

Our first pro-tip:

Always remember that consumers are constantly being bombarded with content so instead of spamming them with low quality content or sharing too much too quickly, rather become consistent in your posting. By scheduling posts and focusing on quality over quantity, you will maintain your professionalism and give consumers time to process and appreciate your content. This will keep your business´ online presence competitive and avoid crowding your brand with unnecessary posts.

Our second pro-tip:

The more you know, the better. It is essential to have clearly defined your target audience in order to design content that appeals to them and creates an impressive customer experience. This knowledge will also dictate the best digital channels to market through to directly reach these desired consumers. Your valuable idea, business, or product is unique and deserves a unique marketing strategy, which means that researching your competition is essential in ensuring that your strategy is a step ahead of the rest.

Our third pro-tip:

There are only up-sides to seeking professional assistance. Seeking expert advice for digital marketing will give your business a competitive advantage, allow your marketing to reach new customers and markets faster, and optimize the business´ existing services. It will also allow your business to grow multiple revenue streams and explore cutting edge capabilities and solutions. If this appeals to you and your business, click here to schedule a consultation with Rubix Cube.

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